I think this is an appropriate image for this period of reorganizing. It is a walk among the weeds, and I say that for one reason.  The image above is not rearranged by some poor fool insisting on being noticed with a pile of rocks to note a path for a wanderer. Do not worry, I’ve been to this place. It doesn’t take long to discover that fool’s existence. He left a bottle cap, the kind you had to pry off to add a bit of rusty desperation. It dissolves to this day and disappears much like the following list of the last forty-eight months.

Most recent stuff, well sort of, because some of it gets new because I AM REORGANIZING!

Second Change

Part Five – Every Change is a Second Chance: Change does occur by chance, having a readiness for it, on the other hand, requires an eagerness to be fit for the job. Hitting a search engine with the phrase “Theory of Change,” you get something like the mosaic below. My favorite is the Theory of … Continue reading Second Change


Introduction – System Changes: Revelatory, that is what it was revelatory.  Not the amusing face of God kind, more exact. It started when Thunderbirds and Blue Angles in their F-16C/D Fighting Falcons and their F18C/D Hornet Fighters trimmed out to conduct aeronautic acrobatics covered the entire city with a thirty-minute fly over the Boroughs.  Fine, … Continue reading Systems

Box Gambits

Part Three – The Box Gambit: The “rule” of this gambit is to connect all the dots with four straight lines by not allowing your pen/pencil to leave the surface of the page. Solving this graphic riddle will require some thinking, and trial and error to be accomplished. Try it four times. Good luck. When … Continue reading Box Gambits


Part One – Discoveries: System change builds on the psychology of transparency in human relationships. In this openness, we find friends to love and leaders to trust with our tithings and taxes. The chart illustrates a heuristic method for building awareness, trust, and confidence whenever, a “never doubt” group decides to change the world. It was … Continue reading Discovery

Critical Thinking

Part Four – Critical Thinking Pathways: Research into the idea of malfunctions requires the insight of the arts well ahead of the imaginable political strategies around which there is so much negative sensitivity. Expanding “our reality” through the eyes and experience of others is often too esoteric, and not goal-driven. Not to worry, there are … Continue reading Critical Thinking


Part Two – Introducing malfunctions: System changes occur in an environment of malfunction. Four were recently recommended to “The Albemarle Report” for exploration. They are developed only partially below. The response to the Great Recession of 2008 reveals errors compounded in the govern m ent sector response to the Pandemic of 2020. Both failed to … Continue reading Malfunction


No doubt that urbanization has been a messy business. The rapid pace of development over the last couple of centuries has led directly to life-threatening conditions in a rush to mechanize every aspect of life. People were packed into camps to harvest forests of wood, mountains of granite, and every available mineral with trade value. … Continue reading Fifty!


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