Bodacious, Blueberry Wine and Bushwacker

The 2030 report noticed a comment I made regarding the process.  If they were serious they would disclose the process used to accomplish one of their basic goals. One suggested a park/recreation facility within walking distance of everyone. Challenge:  Identify those locations that do not meet this criterion, implement a strategy to accomplish the goal … Continue reading Bodacious, Blueberry Wine and Bushwacker

A New America

America has not seen an argument for affordable housing, and infrastructure since the post-WWII 1950s.  At that time the incentive was in the service of veterans and a national defense strategy to spread out the population.  The approach today would be to build on American capacity for diversity and building America's energy future. The civil rights … Continue reading A New America

Urban Change

Many factors are at work, but the heart of the zero progress problem in education and the direct relationship it has with inequality. For African-Americans the data shows a gap in college achievement that remains wide, those with undergraduate degrees are less wealthy than white counterparts, and the chance that both spouses will have undergraduate … Continue reading Urban Change

Housing Networks

The housing expertise in New York City represents an extraordinary depth of staff from its network of neighborhood organizations to the extensive analytical prowess of national offices. So why are they failing? Brooklyn's nonprofit community development corporations and others have decades of experience in the preservation and development of housing throughout the city. This resource … Continue reading Housing Networks


Infrastructure investment in the United States is approaching a classic "line in the sand." One side of the line, federal legislators believe big-ticket investments can only be triggered by the unspoken policy of “catastrophic resolution.” On the other side, our legislators stand with, “whatever my constituents want and need” as if they had other leaders. … Continue reading Infra-What?

Free Parking

Ever since the High Cost of Free Parking by Donald Shoup hit the bookstores, the density killer (AKA - the private car) is getting more and more attention.  As editor of Access Magazine, his introduction to the issue on parking is brilliant as in even, "staunch conservatives turn into ardent communists".   Community development policies that maximize density are not … Continue reading Free Parking

Verizon’s Political Contributions

The Center for Responsive Politics keeps a record of corporate dollars for political representatives. The table and map (below) looks at the House of Representatives for Brooklyn and surroundings. AKNA's representative is Yvette Clarke (D-NY District 9, First elected 2006, election 2016 (won) next election November 6, 2018. She serves on two committees: Energy and Commerce and Small … Continue reading Verizon’s Political Contributions