March 2019

"What happens when a fundamental principle of journalism stops working? The values that help to get the facts right and reveal the truth with reasonable accurately begin to slide away when independence gets sticky; impartiality weakens and bang, fairness and accountability slips and slides away. It appears to me today, March 31 that “following a … Continue reading March 2019

Social Policy People

The Urban Institute Social policy research and some advocacy for vulnerable populations. National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP) Columbia University's work on preventing child poverty in the United States and that improve the lives of low-income children and families in the United States. A focus on its own backyard could help. Manpower … Continue reading Social Policy People

Business Integrity People

"Globalization requires documenting the impact of the world's transnational giants through social activism. Self-regulation will work if it supports specific democratic controls and power in the hands of local communities affeccted by these business networks. A solid principle of business management finds those closest to a source of an impact should have decision-making powers as … Continue reading Business Integrity People

Local Political People

Each of the following will lead to many others at your local level of political networking.  Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC) Build grassroots ballot initiative campaigns and strengthen progressive policies and respond to the right-wing’s damage. State Innovation Exchange (SIX) A national resource and strategy center that supports 1,500 state legislators in advancing and … Continue reading Local Political People