No doubt that urbanization has been a messy business. The rapid pace of development over the last couple of centuries has led directly to life-threatening conditions in a rush to mechanize every aspect of life. People were packed into camps to harvest forests of wood, mountains of granite, and every available mineral with trade value. … Continue reading Fifty!

Bay Area

BIG+ONE+SHERWOOD: A Social Ecosystem for Resilient by Design | Bay Area Challenge from BIG on Vimeo. “I believe in people, and I can depended on my friends in a crisis. The thing is, I have to depend on their belief in truth, facts, and my best whiskey.“ Rex Curry

New York City Neighborhoods

A Commentary The digital and the dense urban world have a unity of purpose. In this example, developed by the person (found here) you will find many of the officially named places drawn many sources. They are also the place names. In this case that would be a neighborhood. They are described in the multicolored … Continue reading New York City Neighborhoods

New Building on 21st

222 East 21st Street or 571 Ocean Avenue:In a brief look at past work of this developer and architect, there are concerns regarding the use of materials and the lack of detailing and the possibility that a brick façade and other contextual elements will be poorly done. If you are interested in doing some homework representing … Continue reading New Building on 21st

Improving Schools

Issue: Children are not performing at grade level (Math & Language Arts (ELA). The implementation of state-wide school funding transparency with federal legislation incentives. Response: The families of the Ninth CD hold a better life for their children in high esteem. Will you introduce legislation to produce targeted federal support that help kids catch up … Continue reading Improving Schools

Downstate of Health

The health campus (below) in the Ninth Congressional District (below) is known to many as “Downstate”, but this location has a deeper and richer capacity for service. It has the infrastructure and location to become one of the world’s finest health care campuses One out of three people in the Ninth Congressional District have jobs … Continue reading Downstate of Health

Embed Density

We live in a culture that embeds information, and where the most important things tend to go unsaid. All of us put information into machines that will retrieve data on practically anything imaginable from an alarm clock to an AI for more complex decision-making. Perhaps this will release the unsaid portions about the vital function … Continue reading Embed Density

Midtown Eastside

Manhattan is a “playground” for wealth with an interest in keeping enough households to assure maintenance and basic services. It is called eighty-twenty. The building at 432 Park Avenue is its new beacon, sans the “twenty”. All 104 condos are sold, including the penthouse at $95 million. The lower cost units started at $7 million. … Continue reading Midtown Eastside

Town Prospector

The New York City Master Plan – published in 1968 presented the community districts at that time a equivalent in population and total employment with cities throughout the United States, a distinction smaller cities only partially enjoyed. Hopefully, the efforts of exploration outfits such as the Prospector  will bring attention to the enormous potential small … Continue reading Town Prospector

Waterfront 2020

The details on a Reach by Reach basis are well worth some urban design quires and perusals.  To this end, the following stipulation is offered for examination. We have long known that we see is what we think is there and that this can be correct or incorrect at anytime but always considered correct, and … Continue reading Waterfront 2020

Sum Up Vanderbilt Yards

The history of keeping things “out of your back yard” begins with demonstrable adverse health problems caused by pollution, but it does not end there.  It has advanced to the critique of poorly chosen uses of land, how the use affect others over time and the kind of society the uses produce.  What happens in … Continue reading Sum Up Vanderbilt Yards

The Urban Challenge

Best summary of the global urban challenge is by Bruce Katz “and rightly so” : Six characteristics of the Progressive Realm of Voters.  Study the regions for the part of the movement you serve in your city and region of the metro-nation. 2. Ohio, please get back to us… 3. Think like a citizen of … Continue reading The Urban Challenge

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