Thanks for the interest everyone. I have ten working on Adem of Crown and Zero on Michael of Ditmas — no need to do more just get people to pick their number ED and get back to me.

Enlarge this map, locate where you live, identify the name and location of the polling sites near your home. Vote in the 2020 primary, and don’t worry about the strategy. At this point we need a housing person (Adem) one more feisty lawyer in Congress, less so.

Brooklyn voters are electing new representatives to the United States Congress – they will be fighters, free of corporate domination and responsive to our needs in housing, health, and community economic development. Vote in the 2020 primary, and we will have a chance one network will fold into the other. The Brooklyn boss has already stirred the pot with an attack on Adem, and soft quiet attention to the egos in the Dit to do what, sustain the landing path for the incumbent in green.

I recommend looking at ADEM and MICHAEL as candidates for the United States Congress very closely. Michael fully understands the law trouble, but Adem knows what it will take to get the national government to respond to the needs of cities. Both will help produce resources that meet the real needs of people, unlike all words and no action, other than putting a toe on the line. The primary is expected to occur on April 28, 2020.

Comment below and I’ll ask you to help by giving a few hours a week to examine our thoughts select a candidate, stake out some election districts and put a person in The United States Congress that can do more than ride percentages of incumbency into office.

Volunteer Here for the Ninth Congressional District

  1. Find Election Districts you can work and get your data (from my BoE pdf).
  2. Go to the City Data Map HERE if the one above is difficult to use.
  3. Share that information using the form below and work the district for voters.
  4. Build a canvassing plan with us. Your polling place, and key nearby locations
  5. Find and motivate more people. The average in EDs is around 800 Dems.
  6. Get voters out on Primary Day. That is the election.
  7. Get voters to vote Tuesday, November 3, 2020 for the win back the Presidency!
  8. Develop a schedule to convince voters to vote —
  9. You can examine data from your census tract(s) (HERE)

Please drop me a line. Thanks to all who have already. I plan on working the Election Districts around the Erasmus H.S. and the transit stations (B & Q) from Church Avenue south through to the Cortelyou Station.

If you would like to see some AOC type energy for our part of New York – volunteer!

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