The data about the Ninth Congressional is very revealing, and worthy of spending the time to understand it by size, shape and its many places as defined by our representative to Congress.

The Ninth CD is the only one that is all in Brooklyn

Connect the Council

City Council The New York City Council has 51 members with two-term limits of four years. The relationship between the city, the state and national government is complicated. A close examination of issues that confront the City Council Members should include those the state and federal government share. The focus here is on the eight … Continue reading Connect the Council

Connect Senate

Connect Senate Members & CD9 NYS-63 Senators The relationship of constituents to the State Government’s 63 members of the NY Senate can last a long time. They have two-year terms but there are no limits. This section seeks information that contributes to a better understanding of issues that confront our state representatives that share a portion of … Continue reading Connect Senate

Connect Assembly

Assembly Members NYS-151 Assembly MembersYou know where you live.  Use the map and report your Assemblymember in the comment section below.  Before selecting your Assemblymember within the Ninth Congressional District take a moment to review: Session Four “How to Sustain the Resistance Long Term” presented by New York Assemblyman and DNC Vice Chair, Michael Blake. … Continue reading Connect Assembly

Connect Community Districts

Seven Community Districts share the geography, interests, needs, and concerns of the Ninth Congressional District.  The map and links below seek participants. Engaging residents the relationship local to federal money in community development dates to the 1950s with the formation of Community Planning Councils. The most recent change in this practice occurred in 1989 when the … Continue reading Connect Community Districts

Connect School Districts

There are three school districts that share a portion of the Ninth Congressional District. How will changes in Federal and therefore state and city policy affect schools in these districts? The objective would be to identify parents, the primary self-interest group.  There are not links (yet) to these constituents. The start of developing this idea … Continue reading Connect School Districts

SamplerII: Local

Below all of the posts that have a category “urban politics,” “CD 9,” and 2020 Elections.

Election Districts

I have an interest in working for Adem so I’ve moved the d-base driven map to a “view only” link. That means it will become more strategic than the digital toy it has been up to now. If any of you have skills in this area let me know and read more below. Doing more … Continue reading Election Districts

9th Congressional Data

The data about the Ninth Congressional is very revealing, and worthy of spending the time to understand it by size, shape and its many places as defined by our representative to Congress. go ahead drop me a line or comment below:

26 June Summary

Same old Congress, and same old story for District 9 Democratic Primary CANDIDATE VOTE PCT. Yvette Clarke* 14,804 51.9% Adem Bunkeddeko 13,729 48.1% 28,533 votes, 99% reporting (528 of 532 precincts) The last four put her at 53%. What is that? * Incumbent Was this tight margin a wake-up for Yvette Clarke? Yes, she doubled her campaign … Continue reading 26 June Summary

The Clarke Record

The analysis that follows is part of a long-term effort to establish an independent group of observers and analysts who live or work in each of the Congressional Districts of New York City beginning with the Ninth CD.  The boundaries change but you will always be in one of them. It will include a portion … Continue reading The Clarke Record

Affordable Housing

We can dream and have goals, but it is impossible to think things into existence, direct action is required to be creative. A leader needs parents and friends that believe in action. A leader needs to be interested in exploring new steps and strategies that will end inequality and injustice. Action takes courage, ideas, funding … Continue reading Affordable Housing

Bunkeddeko vs. Clarke

Should Clarke have lost June 26, 2018? Yes, but she won. Is Clarke’s record of deep blue co-sponsorship for the Democratic Party leadertship enough? That was my question. In 2018 Washington D.C., the Congress, Senate and the Executive Branch is all Republican and we of New York’s democratically blue urban world has been seriously challenged.  … Continue reading Bunkeddeko vs. Clarke


Invite representatives to be aware of your IT issues and concerns. A letter for comment on how to get their help (a set of three or four questions/issues are all that are needed) The sample below was used on July 17, 2015. As always thoughts on leverage are needed appreciated. Otherwise, it is just whining. City Council … Continue reading Representatives

go ahead drop me a line or comment below:

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