The cities (for hundreds of reasons) are skeptical, but unafraid of change because they are highly skilled with it.  There is a lot to learn from the day-to-day reality of your city if it is dense and rapidly changing. Today, it may seem very difficult to get to the truth but I can tell you exactly where you will find it.

Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels.com

Walk to your street outside of your home, that is where you will find the truth.  It is as simple as this photo/model shoot I stumbled across.  It is right at your feet, straight in your face, just look up and you will be eye-to-eye with the truth.  I can walk for miles from my home, and that is how I know what is true and what is not by what I fill into and add to each thing I see, each person I come across. How far does your street reach?

Those willing to accept this idea should do so knowing we are in a period where the worried search for cultural nutrients and the fear of change is strong. History says we are tempted to choose the warrior’s promise; to take what we want at no cost. Turning away from this path by the 100th year of the 19th Amendment will move us toward diligence, resilience and the intelligent work of amassing social context as the alternative to material resources. To succeed in this task, one dark force in the world requires exposure.

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