The health campus (below) in the Ninth Congressional Distr(below) is known to many as “Downstate”, but this location has a deeper and richer capacity for service. It has the infrastructure and location to become one of the world’s finest health care campuses. 

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One out of three people in the Ninth Congressional District have jobs in education, health and social service industry.  Health and social assistance is threatened.
The health campus map (above) is known to many as “Downstate,” but this location is deeper and richer in its capacity. Downstate has a student body of nearly 1,800 and a staff and faculty community of about 8,000. No other organization in the entire state would be more informed regarding health issues. It maintains a  Medical History Library.
It has the infrastructure and location to become one of the world’s finest health care campuses. The failure federal leadership traps CD9’s health professionals in a community where it is easy to blame the victims for the debt in providing care in the “pounds of cure” called hospitals, while funds for prevention focused on the real health care needs in Brooklyn are cut.
The impetus and a national health care system will require a major change in public policy regarding health in communities of low- and moderate-income, especially in places with density and diversity like New York City.
The question is simple. How will you support the “Medicare for All” legislation by Senator Bernie Sanders?  The developed world knows this is the the way forward.  Why doesn’t the United States understand?
Comprehensive single-payer healthcare will bring stability to the Ninth Congressional District and start it on the path to community health, it will sustain good jobs and make health affordable. Our representatives have kicked the health care can down the road and we are in it.  A draft demographic report on the social characteristics of the Ninth Congressonal District is described in a slide presentation (here).  A more detailed narrative of issues facing the 9th CD is (here).  Your comments and questions are appreciated.
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