Brooklyn Center Democrats

Rarely exposed as a viable component of local leadership, this up-from-the-grassroots process is what makes the top-down discussion of congress members, senators, and judges come alive as constitutional actors. It is in the local clubs where ordinary people determine who runs and how. An analysis continues by district and office from local to federal that allows participants to compare incumbents who are 98% successful in defeating possible challengers. These clubs decide what issues candidates can speak to with credibility they will examine records of accomplishment and coach them on the hot buttons of the day (i.e., health care costs, immigration, DACA).

Once the choice of candidates is complete and aimed at the next election cycle, the value of local issues in the form of cash and vote capture is exposed. A candidate does not have to be rich to lead but improving the grassroots knowledge of the problems of wealth and government is a starting point of high value on every question related to the quality of public life and the capacity of civic engagement to get results. The cash from PAC and other significant funding sources will compare with vote capture and the percentage of contribution from ordinary citizens and public matching. 

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